This section represents my effort to consolidate all of the credible information regarding Best Match in one spot. I tracked down the patent application for the search algorithm, combed the internet for interviews in which eBay executives and developers mentioned specific functionality of Best Match, read blog and message forum posts detailing other sellers’ observations of Best Match, and conducted my own analysis based on personal experiments with the search results.

Why did I do these things? Because I saw Best Match as an opportunity. I figured that while most sellers were oblivious to the significance of the pending changes, and while many of the rest were busy complaining on the eBay forums, the effort I invested trying to figure out how Best Match worked could provide my listings an advantage.

Many members of the eBay community have asked why I would take the significant time and effort required to produce an site with such valuable information and just give it away. In fact, as I’ve worked on this project, I’ve often asked myself the same question. Simply put, my goals with Best Match Made Simple are to establish my credibility in the industry, to encourage you the reader to visit AuctionInsights, and to gain the experience of writing, publishing and promoting an information product for future, paid projects.

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