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After my last post, reader Chuck wrote back to clarify that he was interested in learning how to provide the customer the ability to choose more than just the quantity. “What I want people to be able to do is select weights, package types and quantities.” eBay calls this “creating a listing with variations” and […]

Chuck writes: I’ve run into a situation where I have access to some product people order over and over and over. I’ve perused eBay and ran across a listing where the seller had it set up where the buyer could select order quantities right there in the eBay listing. For the life of me I […]

A letter to AuctionBytes a few weeks ago warning sellers that eBay was displaying links to my competitors’ auctions on my listings had me concerned. I immediately tubed up my listings and was relieved when I found that this issue was apparently not impacting me. It wasn’t until I wanted to make a quick check […]

Earlier in the fall I experienced a rash of unpaid bidders. It gets really frustrating when an auction-style listing closes at a higher final bid price than I expected but the high-bidder does not come through. While I can send a second chance offer to the next highest bidder, completing the the unpaid bidder process […]

Sell Coupons on eBay

August 28, 2007 | Leave a Comment   Share!  

Here’s a new trend that I’m interested in trying:  There are a number of people who sell coupons on eBay.  Even more fascinating is the fact that there appear to be an equal number of people who buy coupons on eBay!  Think about it.  No inventory storage issues.  Shipping is as easy as a regular […]

After auction sellers have sold off everything they want to get rid of around the house (and then some), many turn to garage sales for sources of eBay inventory. If you are considering the Saturday morning yard sale circuit, here are some tips to maximize your time and help ensure you find the best products […]

Preventing Image Theft

September 23, 2006 | Leave a Comment   Share!  

If you’re like me, auction pictures are the most time consuming part of the eBay selling process. The investment in time and effort required to produce a photo for an effective auction listing is significant. After meticulously adjusting the lighting, experimenting with various angles, editing, cropping, and finally, uploading the picture to your image host, […]

Here’s an auction I just can’t figure out. There’s no picture, no HTML, and no template. The description is a whopping 75 words and the terms are an amazing 785 words. I guess the seller’s feedback score (2625) allows her to be successful with such a counter-intuitive auction listing format. … It just makes you […]

One of the most important aspects about your auction listing is the title. On eBay, the title is limited to 55 spaces. The words you employ in that limited space must be carefully crafted to appear in bidders’ search results and get the click once found. An effective auction title: Uses keywords that potential bidders […]

Sell Books on

December 8, 2005 | Leave a Comment   Share!  

Selling is Easy on One of the most dynamic markets on the internet today is for books and music. I’ve found an easy and profitable way to capitalize on this market through This article covers getting started selling on this web site. Recently eBay, the owners of, reversed their plans to close […]

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