After my last post, reader Chuck wrote back to clarify that he was interested in learning how to provide the customer the ability to choose more than just the quantity.

“What I want people to be able to do is select weights, package types and quantities.”

eBay calls this “creating a listing with variations” and it looks something like this:


eBay offers listing variations in the following categories:

  • Baby
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Health and beauty
  • Home and garden (some sub-categories excluded)
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Pet supplies
  • Sporting goods

What is a Variation?

Instead of creating a number of separate listings for a product that has a choice of options, you can create a single multi-quantity fixed price listing that includes all the variations you offer. For example, a T-shirt might come in multiple colors and sizes. Buyers can select which variation they want to purchase from the single listing.

How To Create a Listing With Variations

To create a listing for beef jerky that offers variations in flavors I would first select the option (located near the top of the Sell Your Item form) to create variations:


Upon clicking the Create Variations button, I’m presented a page where I can tell eBay what kind of varieties I’d like to offer my customers.  After clicking the link labeled Enter Your Own Variation Detail, a pop-up appears where I can name the variation (flavor) and enter the first option (barbecue):


After clicking Save, I’m presented with the opportunity to enter the next flavor (teriyaki):


Create SKUs

I would click the + Flavor link to add more.  Clicking continue will provide the opportunity create additional variations.  After I’ve finished this process, eBay asks me to create a SKU for each variation:


Add Pictures

Next, I can enter the pictures that are applicable to the specific variations and shared pictures that apply to all:


Price and Quantities

Finally, I can enter the quantity of each variety I have in stock and available to sell and specify the price for each variation:


You’re Done!

Clicking Save brings me back to the Sell Your Item page where the Variations table now shows the fruits of my labor:


This is actually a pretty neat feature that eBay offers.  If your category and your inventory support variations, you might just give it a try.