Earlier in the fall I experienced a rash of unpaid bidders. It gets really frustrating when an auction-style listing closes at a higher final bid price than I expected but the high-bidder does not come through. While I can send a second chance offer to the next highest bidder, completing the the unpaid bidder process takes a long time. By the time it is resolved, the runner-up bidder has either made a purchase from somebody else or lost interest in my product. All you can do is relist and hope for another bidding war.

However, I recently discovered that you can edit your account preferences to insulate yourself from habitual unpaid bidders. Here’s how: Log in to My eBay and click the “My Account” tab and select “Account Preferences” from the drop-down menu


Next, scroll down and find the row labeled “Buyer Requirements” and click show:


Click the link labeled edit that appears under where you just clicked.


Now you can set the eligibility requirements potential eBay bidders/buyers must meet before they can make a purchase from you. After my recent experiences I’m pretty stringent with these requirements now.


This only works if sellers take the time to follow through with the unpaid item process. I’ll do my part — hope you do yours!